Latest Project

"Color Cape Cod"

What better way to spend the fall and winter than researching and illustrating a new coloring book. "Color Cape Cod" is my latest project.  This being my first book beyond Plum Island and Newburyport, it required extensive and quite enjoyable research into the towns, geography and landscape of Cape Cod.

Two trips down so far, one with a fellow artist and friend, the other a solo journey, each time spending three days roaming and sketching the local landmarks and gathering places. I am finding that no matter how planned out, there is always something along the way that catches your eye that you may never have discovered if you had not turned your head, or glanced down a path. This is one of the reasons I so enjoy sketching outdoors as you can see the world around you from so many different angles. A cloud drifting by can cast a shadow on the ordinary and suddenly it becomes inspirational. Ah, the joys of being an artist and doing what you love....

Sharing a conversation and a coffee with a spry older woman at the Brewster General Store, listening to the fishermen at Chatham Pier in the early morning, and watching the sun rise on Shore Road and cast it's light on the Days' Cottages in North Truro, these are but a few of the memories of the time spent so far. 

Below I have gathered up a few photos, sketches & illustrations at various stages of progression.

"Color Cape Cod" due out in early spring 2017.  Already filling up my Event Calendar with fairs for 2017.  Hope to meet you someday along the way!

Enjoy the doing....