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Enjoying the doing… an artist’s blog by Sandra Turner

Benefits from exploring new mediums


I know, I know, you want to stick with one medium until you feel you have mastered it. Until you feel in control, finished that perfect painting that you have pictured in your head.

I tell you, I’ve been there, but I would like to share something that I have discovered from trying out numerous mediums over the past 2 years. If you are brave enough to take the leap and try something new, you will start to look at your art from a differently. You will learn things about color, design, shape, composition (to name a few) that will help you gain a different perspective once you go back to your medium of choice.




Back in 2017 I discovered polymer clay. I experimented and came up with my own mixture of different types & colors of polymer that gave me the results in both texture and color that I was looking for. Covered just about any piece of glass I could get my hands on. Did some relief work like the one pictured above.


Would love to hear about your experiences in new mediums!

Enjoy the doing.....

Here are a few of my Journey’s exploring new mediums…..


Recently took six, once a week, two and a half hour mosaic class when I was in Buenos Aires. Here I learned a lot about fitting shapes inside of other shapes to create a finished piece.

There are a lot of things I would change if I were to do this again, but perfection wasn’t what I was looking for. Its’ the creative experience, the idea is to try something new and different and see how it effects the work you are doing when you return to your medium of choice.



In the fall of 2018 I tried my hand at collage. I rather like calling it painting with paper as I didn’t cut out images and lay them out on a background, rather tore swaths of color from magazines and use them much in the same way as you would put a brushstroke on a canvas. I worked intuitively which resulted in many layers of paper as I was continually adjusting color combinations. Limiting yourself to what you can find in magazines forces you to think a lot about color, and soon you are able to recognize warm and cool shades and bright and dull colors.

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