Enjoying the doing, an artist's blog

Enjoying the doing… an artist’s blog by Sandra Turner

Painting with torn paper... a collage course

As we draw to the close of the six week course on “Painting with torn paper.. Collage”, I would like to share some of the work completed so far.

The first still life assignment started out with a line drawing template of apples that was printed out and adhered onto heavy mixed media paper (350 lb). Students choose their colors from magazines pieces and applied the techniques for tearing and adhering paper while also learning about values and color.

Before we started the final project of everyone’s individual choice, small abstract landscapes were created using three size shapes: small; medium and large, in dark medium and light values.

Take a look at the gallery of completed work. I am privileged to have had such a great group attend this session and am looking forward to continuing a second session in February.