Sketching can become part of your lifestyle if you carry a small sketchbook with you wherever you go. You can’t imagine all the moments that there are in a day when you have the opportunity to practice. Just think how many times during the day that you pull out your phone and get get lost down the rabbit hole into a never ending stream of what everyone else wants you to see. Now try pulling out your sketchbook and putting down what you see around you. Even the most mundane objects can become great subject matter when looking at positive and negative shapes, or doing some contour drawing to train your eyes to see what is really there and not what your mind imagines is there.

I always take a few sketchbooks with me when I go traveling. Some of the times I pick a subject matter and sketch only buildings, or trees, or the most challenging for me, which is people. They are no different to draw than any other subject matter, if we let go of our preconceived ideas and put down what we see. Because not many people will be sitting still for long, just being able to capture a moment with a few short strokes will bring bring some excitement and will provide you with a memory beyond that of a photograph.